“Doing Cloud Software” – Since Before It Was Fashionable

I’ve been doing “cloud software” since 2007 – the year I registered my first domain.

I built and hosted my first website on https://discountasp.net/.
And I’ve since built WordPress websites that run in cPanel on system managed by https://www.digitalpacific.com.au/.

I’ve never had to create a network or a virtual machine.
Every software product I’ve designed and build has run on platforms other people mange, and service I can just deploy into.

DiscountASP.net gave me an ASP.NET platform and SQL Server.
Digital Pacific gave me PHP, WordPress and MySQL.

I never had to worry about infrastructure – just my application code. The rest was APIs.

Since then I’ve moved to Microsoft Azure and used only their serverless offerings – what is now Azure App Services, Azure SQL, Functions, Table Storage, Blog Storage and now Cosmos DB.
All “API” based.

I’ve never had to worry about infrastructure or anything I couldn’t access and control via a dashboard.

And to be honest, any time someone talks about Docker or Kubernetes, I can’t help but think “that sounds like too much work”.