A teacher is not just someone who guides and imparts knowledge and wisdom, they are someone who is also “taught” by their best students and peers.

— Jason

5 Questions Every Day

5 Questions Every Day (#5QED): 17 November 2019

Asking questions. That’s my super power.

Good questions.
Dumb questions.
Random questions.
Odd questions.
WTF questions.
Even sometimes interesting questions.

Still, I don’t always ask enough questions.

From today, I am going to publish 5 questions every day.
Some days I may publish late if travelling internationally or away from network coverage, but I will always back date or try to schedule ahead.

In addition, these are the only posts on my site I will have open for comments. Answers, suggestions, pointers to information, thoughts, ideas, and your own questions are welcome.
I have one rule: Keep it clean; keep it friendly; keep it positive; and keep it on topic.
Anything nasty, negative or spammy will be removed.


It’s Day 1, so let’s get started:

  1. How can I better better heal a stubbed toe?
    (I kicked my little toe into a box of tiles 10 days ago and while it is getting better, it still aches. So, is there a way to heal it faster?)
  2. How can the average person create their own clean drinking water?
  3. How can software developers easily create accessible web software?
  4. Why does the sun set in the West?
  5. What are the limits of alcohol a person can drink?

Keep an eye out for the tag #5QED.

Code to convert exported Chrome bookmarks HTML to JSON

When you can’t find an existing solution to do something “simple” like convert an exported Google Chrome bookmarks HTML to JSON, it helps to be a programmer so you can build your own.

Check out my public code repo at:

It’s quick and dirty and only took a couple of hours, but this little bit of code is the foundation of something bigger in the pipeline.

Software Development: Build, to Fail. Fail, to Learn. Learn, to Succeed.

The only way to learn as a software developer is to build.

Today I started my third major application using VueJS and realised there was a better way to approach something I’ve done in the last 2 applications.

As a mature developer you must continually question and re-evaluate what you know. Keep looking for better and easier ways achieve a result, and choose to discard those that don’t suit.

I’m not ashamed to say my last 2 approaches where inadequate. It took that time, different searches, and re-framing of the problem to eventually reach the point I needed.

But coming from a Microsoft development background I’ve had a career living the philosophy: “don’t implement until version 3” (which is to say, wait until version 3 before you get it right).

In all my years I’ve never seen a developer get it “right” the first time.

Maturity is recognising success takes time and working through the process.

[Vue warn] and browser caching

(Relates to: VueJS 2.x)

I just modified a VueJS project and received the following warning:

[Vue warn]: Error in mounted hook: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of null"

found in

---> <Anonymous>


I’d split code from 1 JavaScript (JS) and 1 corresponding HTML page into 2 JS and HTML files.

After refreshing the page, I received the above error.


There was no problem in my code.

The problem was I needed to do a hard refresh in the browser get and execute and the new and updated files.

[Vue warn]: v-bind without argument expects an Object or Array value

(Relates to: VueJS 2.x)

I received the following error:

[Vue warn]: v-bind without argument expects an Object or Array value

found in

---> <Anonymous>

The error was caused by the following line of code:

<input type="text" class="form-control" id="Title" v-bind="post.Title">

My mistake:

I used v-bind but I should have used v-model.

The correct code is:

<input type="text" class="form-control" id="Title" v-model="post.Title">

Passwords made easy: use a pass phrase

Strong, hard to crack passwords are actually easy.

Use a pass phrase.
3 or 4 words.
They can be in lower case.
Remember the spaces between the words.

For example: “black eggs sometimes yellow”.

Forget password complexity rules (watch at around the 7 minute mark).

Easy to remember words, separated by spaces, all lower case.
25+ characters in the phrase is damn hard to crack, even if they are dictionary words. The bad guys still need to get the words in the right order.

Software Development Team Leads

Software development “Team Leads” do not write code.

(Except in small business.)

Any job that asks for a “lead” and expects them to write code is really asking for a “senior developer” while paying lip service to “managing the team as a leader”.

True team leads don’t have time to write code, because they are:

  • Meeting with the business
  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Reviewing
  • HR-ing
  • Thinking
  • Learning