Broken cork in wine or fortified

I had 2 bottles of fortified wine, both unfortunately with dry cork that crumbled and ultimately fell back into the wine when I tried to remove them with a corkscrew.

But I managed to recover both bottles.


First I decanted them through a fine mesh strainer into a measuring jug.
Then I poured the contents of the jug into a coffee French press. I was originally going to use a coffee filter papers but didn’t have any left. Then I thought: “a French press is supposed to strain out coffee grains, and they’re a lot smaller than the cork parts that are in the bottle, so surely that will work.” Sure enough, it worked.

The original strainer did a good job a removing 95% of the cork particles.

The French press got 99.99% of the rest.

There were literally 2-4 of particles left after the first French press. So I did a second time through the French press to the the training,