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G’Day! How can I help you?

Jason Snelders

I’m a business web software developer. I build stuff, try to be helpful, and solve your problems.

I specialise in

  • Software developer leadership and management.
  • Supporting software teams.
  • Web application development
  • My programming specialty is: debugging and hunting down problematic CSS and JavaScript.

My driving focus is now

  • Listening to people tell stories.
  • Training, supporting and mentoring other developers.
  • Web Application Security.
  • Software usability (UX).
  • Designing process automation.


  • “I are rooly good at words and talking and stuff” (sic).
    • I get a kick out of writing good technical documentation.
  • I find people more interesting than code.
  • Don’t bullshit or bully me.
  • I’m patient and pragmatic.

My core programming capabilities are

  • C#, ASP.NET, .NET Framework (no Core experience yet).
  • PHP, WordPress.
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • TypeScript
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Angular 5

I’ve traditionally been a full-stack web application developer.

I’m also experienced with or have dabbled with

  • Knockout.js
  • Vue.js
  • A/B testing
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • Azure Functions, SQL, Web Apps


Download the Word Document.

Personal Projects

WordPress Portal Extensions (demo Sept 2018): I’m 90% complete developing a an extension for WordPress that provides functionality for education portals and intranets.

jsUplink ( A small JavaScript script with a backing Azure Function to lookup and replace ugly <a> links within pages.
Build primarily to service a new section to this site and release free for the world to use.
(First published 7 July 2018 with more features and enhancements to come, including favicon display. I’m also dogfooding it at

WhatsMyTime: Initial R&D prototype developed at Further development and a dedicated site with examples to come.

Connect ( This is a project 3 years and a handful of attempts in the making. Connect is my attempt to solve a personal problem: web bookmarks, information collection and notes in one space. Think of it as Chome bookmarks meet OneNote. In the past, I build a web app from the ground up using ASP.NET/Bootstrap/Auth0/Azure Storage/Azure websites. This time: WordPress, a bit of JavaScript and 1 Azure Function. It’s also the reason and testbed for my jsUplink project.
(7 July 2018: I’ve just managed to get the site up and some initial pages down. It’s ugly, it’s raw, it’s got a long way to go – please bear with me.)

29 August 2018: I’ll be leaving my day job on 7 September and spending a couple of months working on these projects.

Where to Find Me

I try to write useful and practical things here, on my blog.

I also maintain a small by growing knowledge base at

And you can find me following and retweeting on Twitter.

Or you could email me any time at I’m friendly and not prone to biting.

A really big snail!?

Struth! This one’s well fed.

A really big snail (it's actually a piece of wood with bolts for antennae that to make it look like a snail