Jason Snelders

I’m Jason. From Melbourne, Australia.

During the day I’m a full-time software developer for a local enterprise software consultancy.

At night I wear many hats in a small business I co-own, Vylesk. I’m a manager to overseas staff, business partner to a bloke I’d take a bullet for, I design software, write documentation, dream big, plan for the future, procrastinate over accounting, and generally think the software industry needs a kick-in-the-backside-wake-up-call and I wouldn’t mind being there to help deliver it.

At 37 I’m actually a smiling, optimistic and happy person despite having the nickname “Grumpy Cat” (we’re all actors) and losing-finding-and-losing-again many times my passion for programming.
(Truth be told I’ve never really liked programming, but after 30,000+ hours writing code I can make statements about it with some authority.)
But I do love crafting and building things. Software is my tool and I see so much that can be done. I have an energy and love for it that drives me to be up 19 hours a day.

I swear like a trooper, I step out of the way of people that don’t deserve it, hold the door open, smile and say hello, listen to EDM when I’m in the zone, tell bad dad jokes, and, quite frankly, I couldn’t give a damn what people think of me. Perception means nothing – it’s action that counts.

I was put on this planet to love my wife, build good things, teach, help people, and make a bit of a difference.

I also have bodacious software craftsman skills and a decent work history.


See this page.
But you may be more interested in a photo I took of a really big snail:

A really big snail (it's actually a piece of wood with bolts for antennae that to make it look like a snail

Where to Find Me

Always start here. I write about all sorts of useful and practical things on the blog.

I also write a bit on my public business Knowledge Base at kb.vylesk.com (it’s like a more technical version of my blog).

I also just returned to Twitter to follow awesome people so you may find the odd gem from me at https://twitter.com/JasonSnelders.

I will also be attending NDC Security for the full 3 days on the Gold Coast, Australia from 14-16 May 2017.