Jason Snelders

The responsibility of a software developer is to “deliver stakeholder value”.


I’m a senior problem solver and code wrangler (aka “software developer”) based in Melbourne, Australia.

All typos are free.

You can find me on LinkedIn. I’m also on very active on Twitter as @GDayJason (@ or DM me any time for a chat or if you need help).

Some of my projects include:

  • Lotus AI. Not so much a “project” as a co-venture that has consumed almost every waking moment of my life since May 2020. It’s live with Beta customers.
  • profile-studio (a GUI editor for JSONResume.org) I think I’ll discontinue and merge this into another project.
  • chrome-bookmarks-converter (export bookmarks to HTML from Chrome and convert them to JSON).
  • Connect (bookmark and note management). Taking a back seat at the moment but getting ready to go live some time in 2021/22… I have no idea when, honestly. Play with the staging test environment now.

Cheers and have a fantastic day!


Similar to cheatsheets. Documents I create while learning that act as a quick reference and contain references to resources, my own summaries, and examples of the topic.

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