I’m Jason Snelders – a software consultant based in Melbourne, Australia.
Jason Snelders If you’re looking for someone who can provide advice and guidance for your start-up or small-to-medium business then I can help.
I don’t bullshit and I don’t use buzzwords.

Small Business Advisor

How Can I Help?

If you’re a non-technical business manager, I will:

  • Act as an impartial and independent sounding board.
  • Ask questions to help you get to the heart a problem.
  • Look at your business and offer suggestions for process automation and improved efficiency.
  • Play devil’s advocate and push back.
  • Provide advise on software development leadership and management.
  • Provide advice on making software and technology selections.

Partnerships are confidential and I am will sign NDAs.

Business Workflow Automation & Collaboration

Do you have manual a process you want to automate?

Or data processing that needs to be more efficient?

How about a half-hour task you have to do every day that you wish you could do with a button click?

Or maybe you need a better way to communicate and share information with staff or customers?


Through my company, Vylesk, we (yes, there is more than 1 person) can help you solve all those problems and more.
E-mail me at jason@vylesk.com to start the conversation.