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Jason Snelders

I’m a software developer. That means I build stuff.

I’m dyslexic. Travel the world every year with my wife. Walk and cycle to work. Drink like a fish. And I love solving small problems that make a big difference.

I specialise in solving and developing solutions for small or limited-scope problems.
And if that doesn’t sound very “scalable” or entrepreneurial/enterprise acceptable/exciting, just remember the electric light bulb was once exactly that sort of problem.

My interests are Web Application Security (AppSec), software usability (UX), and process automation.

My core technologies are C#, ASP.NET, PHP, WordPress, JavaScript (old school and new school), HTML and I love CSS (I mean “deep in the dirt, figuring out why it’s broken on that page” love).

Personal Projects

jsUplink ( A small JavaScript script with a backing Azure Function to lookup and replace ugly <a> links within pages.
Build primarily to service a new section to this site and release free for the world to use.
(7 July 2018: First published today with more features and enhancements to come, including favicon display).

WhatsMyTime: Initial R&D prototype developed at Further development and a dedicated site with examples to come.

Connect ( This is a project 3 years and a handful of attempts in the making. Connect is my attempt to solve a personal problem: web bookmarks, information collection and notes in one space. Think of it as Chome bookmarks meet OneNote. In the past, I build a web app from the ground up using ASP.NET/Bootstrap/Auth0/Azure Storage/Azure websites. This time: WordPress, a bit of JavaScript and 1 Azure Function. It’s also the reason and testbed for my jsUplink project.
(7 July 2018: I’ve just managed to get the site up and some initial pages down. It’s ugly, it’s raw, it’s got a long way to go – please bear with me.)


Where to Find Me

I try to write useful and practical things here, on my blog.

I’m also active on Twitter at

A really big snail!?

Struth! My folks know how to feed them.

A really big snail (it's actually a piece of wood with bolts for antennae that to make it look like a snail