I’m Jason Snelders – a software consultant based in Melbourne, Australia.

I build web application software and provide software development consulting for small-to-medium size businesses, buzzword free.

Jason Snelders

Small Business Consulting / Developer Management Coaching

If you’re a non-technical business owner or manager, I can provide independent, unbiased consultative advice around web application software development, or software developer management.

I have 20 years experience building small-to-medium scale web applications, consulting, walking in the shoes of software developers, and leading other developer.

My career has been customer facing and business process oriented. I’m not a backroom developer – I prefer people over technology.

You will find me patient, understanding and empathetic to the needs to both the business and developers.

Business Workflow Automation & Collaboration

Do you have manual processes you need to automate?

Data processing that needs to be more efficient?

Maybe there’s a half-hour task you do every day that you wish could bee done with a button click?

Or maybe you need a better way to communicate and share information with staff and customers?

E-mail me at jason@vylesk.com to see how I can help.