Jason Snelders I’m Jason Snelders – a software developer and consultant based in Melbourne, Australia.

I specialise in small-scale portals and business automation with web applications.

My passion is training and mentoring junior software developers.
I’m an InfoSec enthusiast, long-time amateur of usability design, enjoy debugging CSS and JavaScript, and I love business.

I’ve designed and built a web application framework for small organisations that is currently running live in a Melbourne University college.

If you need a private portal (Intranet, customer portal) or have small business processes to automate, please get in touch and at the very least I can offer some guidance.

What I do:

  • Software team management or leadership.
  • Software developer mentoring.
  • Business workflow improvement.
  • Customised small-business portals (Intranets, customer portals).
  • Existing web application and website support.

Types of work:

  • Consulting
  • Short projects
  • Part-time ongoing positions (from 2 hours up to 20-hours/week).

Who I work with:

  • Small-to-medium businesses
  • Education organisations

If you wish to engage with me please note:

  • I generally won’t work with consultancies, digital agencies or software development shops. This is to minimise conflict of interest.
  • I work with specific technology stacks – see my skills┬ápage.
  • I quote fixed-price for project work.