Jason Snelders

G’Day! I’m an independent software consultant, software team & project manager, educator, and developer.

What I do:

  • Lead and manage small software development teams, and mentor junior developers.
  • Educate student software developers (at RMIT).
  • Work with .NET, PHP, WordPress, VueJS and Azure.
  • Co-run a small software consultancy.
  • Solve problems and write about them.
  • Sleep. About twice as much in my late 30’s as my 20’s. Sleep is good!

In my “off” time I travel the world with my wife, exploring new countries most years. In 2021 planning on finally climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.


  • Information Security (InfoSec, AppSec)
  • Password management
  • Usability/UX
  • Software maintenance
  • Design
  • Training and mentoring student and junior developers
  • Ergonomics and workplace environments/

I have also recently launched Profile Studio, an editor for creating and updating JSON Resume profile files.