Dark Matter Software Developers

Let’s not forget, for every software developer who is active on social media, blogging or the speaking circuit – there are at least 100,000 developers working 9-to-5 jobs and keeping the world running. People you’ve never heard of and don’t have open source projects.

These people are the backbone of our economy.
They do their best while living full, balanced lives.
And a lot of them are as wise, if not wiser, than the big names and voices in our industry.

Let’s also consider: there are no Einstein’s in software development yet – only people who have written books, made their name on social media, or got lucky building a publicised software company.

Software development is an industry founded primarily on collaboration, incremental development, and more failure than success.

So, remember the quiet person who does their contractual hours every week and contributes to a product that affects thousands of people.

These are the people we must celebrate.