Non Inclusive. Divisive. Discriminatory

I follow (and am a patron of) someone on YouTube who creates content about games.

He’s colour blind.

And he continually makes me think about how shit the world must be to people who… I was going to say: “who are colour blind or not as able bodied as the creators of things”.

But I realised how narrow my thinking is.

What about women in male dominated workforces?
And people of colour?
And everyone else who is not in the exact group as the people who design and build the things that are thrust upon the rest of the world to use?

The Western technology world (Silicon Valley, etc) produces a whole lot of technology “solutions” that are not so much what I would call “discriminatory” as they are just “narrow minded” – because they’re designed from a self-centred ignorance more than from malice.

The solution: Usability testing.

Gather a diverse range of people and ask for feedback.
It doesn’t even have to be a lot of people for high gain. A few dozen people spread across the spectrum.

But that costs money. And may prove the designers wrong.