Peel a hard boiled egg (cold from the fridge)

It’s usually pretty easy to peel a boiled egg that’s not long off the stove and still warm.

What I’ve always found hard is peeling one you take [cold] out of the fridge.

Sometimes it peels easily. Sometimes it doesn’t.

I think tonight I realised the secret:

Tap/crack the egg on the ends (not the long side) and peel. Much easier.

I made 6 hard boiled eggs yesterday. I cracked one last night – on its side – and ended up losing half the outer white.

I cracked another again earlier tonight – again on the side – and same result.

A few minutes ago I wanted one more andĀ for some reason, I decided to crack it on the ends instead of the side. The shell practically slid off that time. And in doing so I remembered that’s how I’ve done it easily in the past.


Give it a go. It may work for you too. If it doesn’t, experiment with different angles to crack the egg.
Crackability may also vary with how you cook it. The important thing is if it doesn’t work the first few times, try something different.