The Illusionists – Direct From Broadway

My wife and I just saw “The Illusionists – Direct From Broadway” in Melbourne and it was 2 hours of amazement, entertainment and laughter.

Chris Cox and Paul Dabek are stole the show with their humorous entertainment, but the whole line-up was wonderful.

Keep an eye out for tickets if this is your sort of thing.

The Illusionists - Direct from Broadway

Insanely hot!

It is currently 6pm in Melbourne, Australia.

All day the temperature has been rising.

Right now it is 4.4 degrees Celsius above the predicted maximum of 36 degrees.

Tomorrow’s temperature just went up by another degree.

And my electricity provider is sending out text messages asking people to reduce their power load this evening:

I Just Quit the Social Platforms

A few hours ago I deleted my Facebook account (an account I’ve I’ve diligently held on to since around 2006/7, before Facebook was the rage), Instagram (I only tried it to follow my wife), Twitter (for the second and I hope last time), and finally, LinkedIn (which is now as bad as Facebook in terms of trash feed, only it populated “so-called” professionals – mainly young recruiters – who also just SPAM you after keyword searches).

And I can say this about it: I feel a relief.

Nothing to follow. Less clickbait. Less distraction. More time for me.

And the people I really care about…?

Oh fuck… I still know how to talk to them.


The big questions is probably: why?

And the answer is simple. I don’t trust any of the big socials services. And I want to limit how much of my identity (my soul) I’m giving away. I’m still with Google and Microsoft, but I am paying both of them.

I’m taking small steps. Feeling my way. But I can already stay I feel much better for it.

Trains going through a tunnel

In movies, a train going through a tunnel always seems to have carriage lights flicker on and off.

I don’t know why – every train I’ve been in the lights are always on (whether it’s daytime or night).

And what would cause a short in the power to make the lights flicker?
If the train is electric then why would going through a tunnel cause a short and flicker?
And if the train is diesel powered (as is, in fact, usually the case in the movies)… well, then I still ask the same question.




gerund or present participle: chafing

  1. (with reference to a part of the body) make or become sore by rubbing against something.“the collar chafed his neck” synonyms: abrade, graze, grate, rub against, rub painfully, gall, skin, scrape, scratch, rasp;


I don’t mind mentioning it: I get chafing around the inside top of my legs.
It’s summer. It’s hot. I’m have a naturally good internal heater that never turns off. So I sweat.

Plus I cycle to work. And on weekends.
Finally, I spent about 12-14 hours a day, 5 days a week, sitting in front of a computer.

Lots of heat. Add some friction. In high volume. You’re bound to get some chafing around the nether regions.


So I recommend 2 things to ease chafing:

  1. Talcum powder (also known as baby powder): I started using it this year after I got recurring chafing for the first time. It helps to absorb moisture and add an extra layer of protection against direct skin/clothing rubbing.
  2. Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment: I do believe this is an Australian company, so I’m not sure what the international availability or equivalent is. But I’ve started using it to relieve chafing I wasn’t able to fend off and it really does provide relief. My wife has also been using it for some time on bug bits (bugs absolutely love her) and chafing as a result of CrossFit.