Passwords made easy: use a pass phrase

Strong, hard to crack passwords are actually easy.

Use a pass phrase.
3 or 4 words.
They can be in lower case.
Remember the spaces between the words.

For example: “black eggs sometimes yellow”.

Forget password complexity rules (watch at around the 7 minute mark).

Easy to remember words, separated by spaces, all lower case.
25+ characters in the phrase is damn hard to crack, even if they are dictionary words. The bad guys still need to get the words in the right order.

Great podcast about identify theft (“Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons”)

The “Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons” podcast (link to main site) has a great 2-part episode on identity theft.

The podcast is aimed at everyday, non-technical people and these 2 episodes really make you think about the perils of online identity theft in an easy to understand way.

Check the episode pages at the following 2 links, and you will find the show in all the usual podcast feeds.