Simple Words for Marketing Concepts

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

  • Complex algorithms


  • Visible data shared between people that cannot be sneakily changed after it is written without someone seeing the change.

The Cloud

  • Software running on someone else’s computers.


  • Reliably getting software onto different computers for testing or final use in the most automated, repeatable way possible.

Agile Software Development

  • Where a software team talks about what they are doing for 10-20 minutes first thing every morning (the meeting is known as a “stand up”)

Software Developer

  • Often

Senior Software Developer

  • (c. pre-2010) A software developer with decades of experience and a fair master in the craft of creating software.
  • (c. 2010-now) A software developer with 3+ years of development who wants status and control of a team but is too impatient to spend years/decades practicing their craft to master it.

Software Architect

  • (c. 2015) A software developer who no longer writes code but designs how software should be made and tells software developers how to make it.
  • (c. 2019) Similar to c. 2015, but now the also have to write code.

Software Developer Team Lead

  • A Senior Software Developers with a different title.
  • Spends 80% of their time writing code, and the other 80% trying to review other developer’s code, run’s a morning “stand-up” (see: Agile Software Development), and praying they don’t have to interact any further with people.


Inspired by George Carlin on soft language.