Profile Studio

Profile Studio icon(December 2019) I recently started Profile Studio (GitHub), an editor for creating and updating JSON Resume profile files.

It still has a few bugs that need to be ironed out in February 2020.


Chrome Bookmarks Converter

Chrome Bookmarks Converter icon(November 2019) Chrome Bookmarks Converter (GitHub) is as the name suggests – a utility for converting HTML bookmark files exported from Chrome into [currently] a JSON document.

It’s pretty raw at the moment, but it works, and was created to assist in developing Connect.



Netly icon(Due April 2020) The big one at (play with it in the staging test environment).

This is the a project I’ve attempted a number of times over the last 3 years. It’s a web app for managing bookmarks and notes.

I’m building it to solve my own problem first then will open it to friends and family to test viability of a larger SaaS platform.

It’s a multi-part platform. The front-end is completely independent from the back-end and created with Vue.js. Back-end is a pure API design created with plain PHP and MySQL. And I’ve offloaded some functionality to Azure Functions.



WhatsMyTime: Initial R&D prototype developed at Further development and a dedicated site with examples to come.