Profile Studio

Profile Studio icon(December 2019) I recently started Profile Studio (GitHub), an editor for creating and updating JSON Resume profile files. It’s still under development with the aim of completion in mid-January 2020.
Periodic progress changes are show live on the site.


Chrome Bookmarks Converter

Chrome Bookmarks Converter icon(November 2019) Chrome Bookmarks Converter (GitHub) is as the name suggests – a utility for converting HTML bookmark files exported from Chrome into [currently] a JSON document.

It’s pretty raw at the moment, but it works, and was created to assist in developing Netly.



Netly icon(November 2019) The big one – Netly (GitHub).

This is the pet project I’ve attempted a number of times over the last 3 years. It’s a web app for managing bookmarks, notes, lists, and tasks.

I’m building it to solve my own problem first, with the hope it will be valuable to all.



The grandaddy. Connect started in 2018/2019 as a bespoke intranet and workflow application built on top of WordPress and deployed to a Melbourne University college.

When that contract was canned I stripped it back and started the Connect project.
Originally planned as an all encompassing portal/social network/business workflow automation platform, my development of Profile Studio and Netly has made me pause to reconsider the architecture.

Connect is now being developed as a paid, private social network platform – a Facebook replacement for friends and family tired of large social media sites.

Initial development is for an API-first back-end environment for Netly, due for completion by end of January 2020, with the second stage being development of the social platform.