I usually have a number of projects I’m focused on.
I recently bought a Raspberry Pi for “hobby” work and the aim of learning RFID/NFC processing.
I am also designing a project to teach myself Microsoft Azure Functions and Table Storage. The project will be a test-data generation service.

Vylesk Connect: My company, Vylesk, is developing a Web Application/Portal Framework designed to handle the hard, repetitive work of developing a mobile web application or intranet/portal.
Connect is going live (phase 1 of 4) for its first custom in November 2018, with phase 4 go-live before university starts in 2019.
With 2 other staff, I am the architect and primary developer of the platform. It has been 12 months in the making and is designed security first, with UX and extensibility high secondary technical concerns.

jsUplink ( A small JavaScript script with a backing Azure Function to lookup and replace ugly <a> links within pages.
Build primarily to service a new section to this site and release free for the world to use.
(First published 7 July 2018 with more features and enhancements to come, including favicon display. I’m also dogfooding it at

WhatsMyTime: Initial R&D prototype developed at Further development and a dedicated site with examples to come.

Connect ( This is a project 3 years and a handful of attempts in the making. Connect is my attempt to solve a personal problem: web bookmarks, information collection and notes in one space. Think of it as Chome bookmarks meet OneNote. In the past, I build a web app from the ground up using ASP.NET/Bootstrap/Auth0/Azure Storage/Azure websites. This time: WordPress, a bit of JavaScript and 1 Azure Function. It’s also the reason and testbed for my jsUplink project.
(7 July 2018: I’ve just managed to get the site up and some initial pages down. It’s ugly, it’s raw, it’s got a long way to go – please bear with me.)
(9 Nov 2018: This project – and my website as a whole – will soon be rolling into the Vylesk Connect platform, so I can dogfood my own work).