Projects & Activities

What wonderful things am I working on?


I spend 4-5 hours each day Monday – Friday working on company activities, including:

  • Managing staff.
  • Managing customer requests.
  • Research and Discover (R&D).
  • Product design and architecture.
  • Back-office business activities.
  • Business planning and development.

Knowledge Base

I regularly add a lot of first-hand practical information and advice posts on my business Knowledge Base at

This Website

There’s more to this website than meets the eye.

  • Built on WordPress.
  • Custom child theme.
  • Secure by default (check the green https:// in the browser bar).
  • Theme and custom plug-ins under full source control.
  • Full Jetpack supported back-ups.
  • I’m currently working on a custom Bookmark/Resource manager plug-in to replace an existing Azure-based .NET app I built (yes, a plug-in to replace a full web application). The plug-in includes:
    • Custom Post Type.
    • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Field Group
    • Easy entry creation.
    • Lookup URL page title and favicon via custom Azure hosted Functions.
    • The goal: Replace Chrome bookmarks, improve bookmark/resource organisation and add more information goodness.

Melbourne College Portal

Through Vylesk we are developing a staff and student portal for a Melbourne University college.

We originally started the project with SharePoint Server 2016 at the client’s request, but soon realised the platform was not flexible enough to suit the requirements of customisation.

We instead switched to WordPress as the core platform and I spent 3 months researching, investigating and experimenting with 3rd-party and custom plug-in development to meet the project needs. As a result, I have designed and built the initial code for a set of plug-ins that provide:

  • Front-End forms for users to create, view and manage records outside of the /wp-admin dashboards (this functionality is built atop ACF Pro).
  • Templated rendering of posts (single and lists).
  • Custom workflow development through interception of front-end form processing.
  • Custom Post Types that present different types of forms and structured data.
  • Custom designed roles-based content targeting of pages, content within pages, and navigation items.
  • An event management system with full-calendar display (via FullCalendar).
    • This also extends content targeting and adds targeting of individual users.
  • Custom “Inbox” and messaging system.
    • This also extends content targeting and adds targeting of individual users.

This project will also integrate and synchronise with an existing Windows/SQL Server based student management system as well as Active Directory, and provide Active Directory authentication.

The first stage of project delivery is due June 2018.