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Hi Jason

This week I’m giving you the opportunity to join the Advanced Track of the JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp!

I’m sending you this email to tell you a bit more about the 21 practical projects we’re going to build during the Bootcamp.

I am so excited about all of these projects, and I’ve had a lot of fun working on them!

Every project is different, and there’s a lot of variety in the approaches and the underlying tech used, all linked to JavaScript.

Build a Twitter clone using Redis and Express
How to build a Twitter clone from zero using the peculiar features of Redis

Build a Trip Planner app REST API
A sample project building a REST API using MongoDB as database

Create an app using the GitHub Public REST API
Learn how to use a REST API, in this case the GitHub REST API to get user’s data

A shop business hours website powered by Airtable
Get data from your Airtable databases using the Airtable API

Build an app that consumes a GraphQL API
Use the GitHub GraphQL API to create an app to visualize the most popular GitHub repositories

Create a GraphQL API with Node.js and Express

Your first React application we start from the basics of react, and we build a simple counter application. This will make you comfortable with React and Hooks, and also in general with frontend frameworks

Visualize GitHub users data using React is a cool application that will display user’s information from the public GitHub Public API. We introduce how to work with network resources and building a relatively complex set of components and a data-driven workflow.

Build a Blog Engine using Next.js is going to be a fun project. We’ll build a blog from scratch using Next.js, the very powerful React-powered application framework.

Create a signup process using Passport is a deep dive into authentication for Web applications.

A sample project using Firebase
An introduction to using Google Firebase for the authentication part of your application

A sample site deployed to Netlify
Learn how to deploy a site on Netlify

A sample Next.js app deployed to Vercel
How to deploy a Next.js app on Vercel

Deploying an app on Heroku
How to deploy a Node.js application on Heroku

Your first Linux server
How to create your first Linux server on DigitalOcean

Deploying a Node.js app using a VPS
How to deploy a Node.js app on a DigitalOcean VPS

Build an RSS Reader using Electron, our first Desktop application using JavaScript, will be an RSS reader. RSS is an awesome protocol that lets us fetch new posts from websites we love, and we’ll build a Mac/Linux/Windows app in this project. Powered by JavaScript, of course, and Electron, the base for all desktop apps built with Web technologies.

Build a weight tracker mobile app using Ionic will be a fun project. I will use this app to track my own weight and my dogs weight too, to make sure we get enough exercise, and we’ll make this app very nice to use.

Build a Classified Ads mobile app using React Native is going to be an app that interfaces with a backend we’ll build to store classified ads and show them to users. Everyone will be able to add a classified ad to the platform through the React Native powered app. The power of React, on your mobile device. iOS or Android.

Your first TypeScript Project
Create your first project using TypeScript

A React and TypeScript Project
A sample React app using TypeScript

The goal of each of these projects is to show you how to think about building an application, and to teach you the methodhow I approach creating new features, and of course during the Bootcamp you’ll have the opportunity to ask me anything about those projects, and expand any of these into your own app. Using those projects as a base.

And it’d be very interesting for you to personalize those apps and add them to your portfolio, so you can showcase them at the next job interview.

There’s no better way to learn than to work on a project you care about, with the enthusiasm and care that you can dedicate to the topics you love.

This is why I created lots of varied and entertaining applications with different technologies – one of those apps will keep you awake at night dreaming of the new features you could add to it, and perhaps even make it the first real app you’ll publish for other people to use!

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Oh and remember**: signups will close next Tuesday and then the Bootcamp will start at full speed ?**

Take a look at the feedback I received so far at the bottom of the Bootcamp home page. There’s no better joy in my day than receiving an email from someone I helped move forward in their career, and I hope one of those emails will come from you in the future.

Here’s what Tom wrote me a couple weeks ago:

I just wanted to share what a great experience I am having in this bootcamp. I was so nervous to sign up for this, but after a month, I am getting to know some great people from all over who share my enthusiasm for building web apps. In a short time I have already learned a LOT. I love Tailwind CSS, and now that we are beginning the JavaScript portion of the bootcamp, I am even more excited than I was before the class started. Honestly, this has been one of the best decisions I have made. Thanks for all of your efforts to lift us up as pro developers and for giving me a break on the tuition. It is worth every penny and then some!

Reply to this email if you have any questions and to know more about the purchase power parity, unemployed and students discount offer, if applicable to you.

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