Git Resources

Good Git resources

You know what Dr. Evil meme “We’ll as for estimates and treat them as deadlines” ( I sometimes feel the creators of Git said in the same vein: [with Dr. Evil voice] “We’ll build a system that works 95% of the time, then give them a bunch of confusing commands and make them fix it themselves when it breaks. Mwah ha ha ha….!”


Git cheat sheet | Atlassian Git Tutorial

git – the simple guide – no deep shit!

Resolving a merge conflict using the command line – GitHub Docs

Git – Unlink of file .idx and .pack failed (The only process owned handle to this file is git.exe) – Stack Overflow

Git – git-gc Documentation

Reset to origin

git reset HEAD –hard

Create new branch (always off ‘master’)

git checkout master

git checkout -b pro-{name/number}

View changes in a file

git diff <file.ext>


Push to origin

git push origin