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The C# example is excellent! From the article:

In C#, the null coalescing operator is ??.

It is most often used to simplify expressions as follows:

possiblyNullValue ?? valueIfNull

For example, if one wishes to implement some C# code to give a page a default title if none is present, one may use the following statement:

string pageTitle = suppliedTitle ?? "Default Title";

instead of the more verbose

string pageTitle = (suppliedTitle != null) ? suppliedTitle : "Default Title";


string pageTitle;

if (suppliedTitle != null)
    pageTitle = suppliedTitle;
    pageTitle = "Default Title";

The three forms result in the same value being stored into the variable named pageTitle.

Note that suppliedTitle is referenced only once when using the ?? operator, and twice in the other two code examples.

The operator can also be used multiple times in the same expression:

return some_Value ?? some_Value2 ?? some_Value3;

Once a non-null value is assigned to number, or it reaches the final value (which may or may not be null), the expression is completed.