#5QED: 29 November 2019

  1. How many JavaScript software developers actually use ECMAScript6 (ES6)? Particularly front-end web developers? And how many use it would having to use build tools to transpile it back to ES5 to most browsers can handle it natively?
  2. How many web front-end software developers don’t work with package managers, builders, compilers, transpilers and task runners? (i.e. who still does it “old school”)?
  3. How many 9-to-5 software developers actually write unit tests?
  4. How soundproof are private jets? How much engine noise can you hear?
  5. When I tell people my wife and I don’t have kids, why do they assume I still have the time, desire or ability to have children?

#5QED: 28 November 2019 [fail]

It turns out this is not my best week. Life does that to you.

What I’ve already learnt from this process is you need the right conditions to

  1. Be able to ask questions
  2. Have the time to commit to a task like this.

Asking 5 and publishing 5 questions every day may not seem like a bit thing. Turns out it is.

I was under no illusion that it would not require effort, even though it is naturally something I do. But as far as experiments go, the last 2 days of failure have already taught me a great deal.

#5QED: 26 November 2019

  1. When will “cancel culture” cancel a person for playing classic Michael Jackson songs?
  2. What is the perfect diversity mix in a team? How do we know when it happens? What size should the team be? Why?
  3. Why do people take notice of research outcomes, but rarely do they ask to see the data so they can run their verification?
  4. What would I be doing now if I hadn’t met my wife? Where would I be?
  5. For the love of all that is holy, how do you boil an egg and peel it without ripping off half the white?

#5QED: 25 November 2019

  1. What is love?
  2. How many antennae are in a modern phone?
  3. Why does my Bluetooth cut out?
  4. Does my body heat or electrical field affect Bluetooth headphones?
  5. Why are laws written assuming people are rational creatures, yet in order for a scam to work we have to acknowledge the irrational and emotional nature of people?

#5QED: 24 November 2019

  1. Why aren’t shower caddies that hang from the shower neck designed with feet to push the bottom out from the wall and keep the caddy shelves vertical (so bottles don’t fall over)?
  2. Why aren’t all office chairs as ergonomic as the Herman Miller Aeron?
    (I bought one for personal use almost 11 years ago and it’s one of the best investments I’ve made, next to the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop and it predecessors that I’ve been using for over 12 years.)
  3. How long can you disappear before someone notices you missing?
    (i.e. Not turn up to work, or not talk to family or friends. When I was single and unwell I once calculated I could be dead 7 days before anyone looked for me – and that was taking into account family, friends and work.)
  4. How are we supposed to know the laws and obey them, if we are not taught them?
  5. How do I keep up with changing road laws?

#5QED: 23 November 2019

  1. What letters in the English do not go together (e.g “ZG”)?
  2. What is the driver keeping the Hong Kong protests going? They started with a reason, but is that what keeps them going?
  3. What does it take to save $2M in 20 years?
  4. What is it about coffee, tea and caffeine-based drinks that people like?
  5. Why are some people (like me) not affected by caffeine?

#5QED: 22 November 2019

  1. Was the Society Union ever close to putting a man on the moon?
  2. What is the size/diameter of the moon?
  3. What it the altitude of vacuum space above Earth?
  4. How far from the Earth is the moon?
  5. How much force does the moon exert on Earth?
  6. Is the Earth not a perfect sphere? If not, what shape is it and where is it not spherical?