Stereotypes exist for a reason

A stereotype is just a label we apply to something – more appropriately, someone – we see that fits a well-known set of attributes of that label.

“Stereotype” is no different to other words like “classification”, “categorisation” or “breed” (for cats and dogs).

The only different is stereotypes generally apply to humans.

Attributes of a person’s stereotype might include how a person presents and defines themselves (clothing, skin colour, skin adornment, hair, speech, presentation of wealth, etc.), where they live, what they do for work, interests, activities they undertake, and so on.

Come to think of it, don’t these attributes also apply to “demographics”?

So I wonder, are stereotypes any different to demographics?


The problem with stereotypes is we often take it to be [and use it as] a negative connotation.

But negativity is just an opinion.

We’re don’t complain about demographics.

And we generally don’t complain that the likes of Facebook apply these same attributes to people for ad targeting?

Yet we don’t want to be stereotyped?

We are a fickle species.