Father’s Day

It was Dad’s Day in some places in the world recently.
And it’s going to be Dad’s Day here in a couple of months too.

But I’m never going to be a dad.
And my wife will never me a mum.

And as much as I love the mum and dad’s of the world and celebrate them too because they are just so awesome…

I feel a bit sad.

Because there’s nothing I’ll ever be celebrated for. Or my wife.

Because we’re just people. We work hard. We support others. We celebrate others. We act as surrogate “aunts” and “uncles”.
And we do our bit without being recognised as “something”.

And really, my wife and I don’t want recognition.

But with all the recognition to everyone else for everything – for “just being” – …
It’s kind of hard not to feel bad because we just do our bit in the background without ever asking or being noticed.

I find Father’s Day to be sad, really.