I shit you not! The waste of my development “day job”

I shit you not:
Over the last 7 weeks, I’ve spent no less than 140 hours of my “day job” sitting in front of a computer staring at a screen and waiting for the same website to load.
Such is the life of a software developer in 2018.
I’ve also spent at least 70 hours trying to figure out what the hell other programmers have written.
Such is the quality of modern software development.
So no less than 75% of my “day job” life is spent being unproductive on a pretty good salary.
And that’s why the bloke on that enviable salary, working with so-called “enviable technology” thinks the software development industry is in a terrible state and hates his “day job” at the moment.
I have no idea what other software developers see in it all.
Thank goodness for the “night job”…

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