I’m a mediocre programmer. Even after 25 years. But I still have a crack at it every day.

I’m a good software developer.

But I’m a mediocre programmer.

And I’ll never pass as a software engineer.

Tonight I was reminded while trying, and failing, to do a simple recursive algorithm yet again.

Yet after 25 years I keep at it.

I can still solve the problems and build solutions. I can design a d create decent interfaces. And cover most low-hanging security concerns. I try to write clean code. And I always think ahead in terms of maintenance.

That’s the aim of the game: keep working at it, regardless of how self critical you are. As long as you’re solving the problem and producing results people can use.

Your biggest critics are yourself and your peers, and you should ignore any nonconstructive negativity from both.

Help people.

That’s the aim of the game.