Morning routines

My morning routine when at home:

About half a liter of water before I do anything. That’s a start to my daily intake of 2-3 liters.

Then 2 cups of coffee in the first 45 mins. Usually fresh ground beans through a single cup dripper or French press. If I don’t have beans then Robert Timms coffee bags. Caffeine doesn’t affect me but I love the taste of those 2 cups of coffee first thing in the morning. And that’s all the coffee I have for the day.

I sit on the couch or balcony and read my email subscriptions and NYT news headlines while drinking my coffee, and while my wife gets ready for her day.This is “me” time when my mind is fresh from sleep.

The final thing I do is make the bed. This is important, not so much for the mental affect or for having achieved at least one thing in the day, as Admiral William H. McRaven says (, but because I learnt as a kid that coming back to a ruffled doona/duvet or sheets makes for a crappy sleep the next night. It doesn’t matter much nowadays as my wife loves to scrunch the covers up, but it’s nice to have flat, even covers start.

And, yes, I have achieved one thing for the day, and some days that may be all I do achieve.


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