Command-line editors: there is no debate

It’s 2019.

Why the heck are we still having the vim vs emacs vs other command-line vs basic-text-editor debate for writing code?!

Don’t use either!

There are editors, IDEs and tooling today for a far superior writing, debugging and supported experience.

It is NOT “cool” or “good experience” to write in command-line editors. That’s like a modern mechanic having a Model T Ford in the workshop to use a reference for repairing a Tesla.

IT people and software developers are here to serve businesses and consumers in the best way possible, not scratch around in an old sandpit. We even have modern tools that give us a superior experience for FREE (I’m looking at you Visual Studio Code).

I certainly won’t hire someone if their tool of choice is command-line based or they use “grep” in conversation. That’s a time and financial loss waiting to happen.